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Written by Bakker Company & Parag Nawathe   
Feb 04, 2006 at 08:28 AM

Working in the garden will not be the first thing that springs to mind as a nice way to spend your free time this month. There are however some pleasant ways to be involved with your garden now, such as making plans, choosing plants and enjoying the first flowering plants, like Hellebores and Snowdrops.

The garden in general

  • If temperatures are above freezing, this is the time to paint trellises and fences. They are easy to get to as the climbers have not got any leaves yet.
  • Evergreen hedges should be watered regularly as long as it does not freeze.
  • After heavy snowfall shake the snow off the branches of shrubs, especially of conifers. The branches can easily break under the weight of the snow.
  • Carefully remove the protective layer of leaves from around early flowering plants.
  • Taxus, Buxus and Holly can be fertilized now.
  • Hydrengeas appreciate an extra layer of compost now.
  • Peanut chains, bird cakes and apples help birds through the winter.
  • Draw up plans for planting this summer.


  • In good weather fruit bushes can be planted.


  • Try not to walk on frozen grass.
  • A layer of snow has an insulating effect. Leave this white blanket on the lawn.

Tub plants

  • Aerate the place where the tub plants hibernate regularly. When the weather is good, leave the windows open for a few hours in the day.
  • Water the plants just enough to stop them from drying out.


  • If it is not freezing you can make a start with pruning ornamental shrubs.
  • Old and diseased branches can be removed.
  • Pruning cuts that are larger than 2 cm should be treated with protective balm.

Vegetable garden

  • Weather permitting, the first fruit shrubs can be planted now.
  • If you have a greenhouse you can sow the first vegetables and geraniums.
  • In mild weather you can make a start with pruning fruit trees.
  • Grapevines can be pruned up to mid-January. After that the plant juices are flowing and the vine can bleed to death if it is pruned.


  • In sub-zero temperatures check regularly to see if the pond has frozen over.
  • If it has, never cut a hole in the ice with an axe. Fish may not survive the shock.
  • Remove any snow from the ice. It will block out the light from the pond.

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